Vinnie Tortorich

While earning a degree in Health, Physical Education and Nutrition from Tulane University, Vinnie was hired, as an undergraduate, to teach the university’s first Strength and Conditioning course. His reputation as an inspiring teacher and strong leader grew, and he became Strength and Conditioning coach for the Newman School where he coached, among others, the Manning
brothers, Cooper and Peyton.
In 1991 he was hired by an executive at Playboy to train several of the Playmates, and he moved permanently to Los Angeles. His controversial method of getting clients lean and camera-ready with the NSNG® way of eating caught the attention of the Hollywood set, and soon his name was on the lips of late-night television stars Jay Leno and David Letterman.
It wasn’t until 2010 when his client, writer/producer Dean Lorey, suggested that he write a book to share his secrets with the general public. This collaboration resulted in the publication of the book Fitness Confidential in 2013. Fitness Confidential quickly rose to the top of the Health, Fitness, and Biography rankings on Amazon as an unusual and highly entertaining combination of autobiography and expose of the underbelly of the Fitness and Weight Loss industries. Vinnie’s popular podcast of the same name, Fitness Confidential, publishes 5 brand new episodes per week.
Oh yeah, and there was that whole conch shell thing……..