Lynette Carolla

Lynette hosts her popular, long running (8 years) podcast For Crying Out Loud. The broad foundation of the twice a week show range from pop culture to parenting and being a wife to comedian/Renassiance man, Adam Carolla (hint: it’s super exhausting). Co-host w/best selling author, comedian Stephanie Wilder-Taylor, you get a peak inside the mind of a married woman Although they coined the phrase “NoGetter” Lynette wears many yoga pants so to speak. You know, the kind you can dress up or wear day to day, hair in a ponytail style. The type of mom that does the least amount of volunteering possible. Hence, the phrase NoGetter.

In addition to her show, Lynette runs the day to day operations with her husband. Managing a fast growing media company Carolla Digital in partnership with PodcastOne. They built the business together in 2009 when podcasts were uncharted waters.

Lynette is CEO and Brand Ambassador of Carolla Drinks, which includes Endless Rant IPA and Lager. In addition to Adam’s popular, ready to pour cocktail “Mangria” which comes in 3 varietals and packs a lethal punch with 21% alcohol. Original Orange, White Peach & Pear, and of course Brose.

While she hates long walks and hikes, she loves spending time with her family, twins Sonny and Natalia, just entering middle school (send help) and a 100 lbs black lab named Phil. In her spare time she’s learning the world of angel investing and studying tech startups. Lynette has also been known to stay up until 2am playing Fortnite solo.