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Adam welcomes Jeff Cesario to the podcast right at the top of the show. He then launches into a rant about traffic in LA, and the guys listen to a clip from an upcoming Reasonable Doubt about the latest developments in the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The group then watches a clip of Rebel Wilson getting in trouble after claiming to be the first plus-sized woman to lead a romantic comedy, and Adam tells Jeff the ultimate Queen Latifah story. Later, Chet Waterhouse brings this week’s Waterhouse Update, and Adam rants about people setting their clocks wrong. Before the break, Adam recalls a couple of his horrible high school teachers.

Author William Knoedelseder is in studio next, and Adam talks with him about his book, ‘Fins: Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit’. The guys also discuss the lack of personality in cars today, how William first became interested in cars, and the golden age of cars. Adam also asks William about the wide variety of books he’s written, and his time working for the LA Times. Other topics of conversation include his experiences with Andy Kaufman, and the history of Harley Earl.

Gina begins today’s news discussing a former professional boxer who died in a croissant-eating contest over the weekend. The group also reacts to a story about a Delta passenger forced to sit in dog feces, and watch footage of Teddy Atlas’ pep talks. Other news stories include Pamela Anderson not wanting to be part of the #metoo movement, and a marathoner who completed the race on crutches. In the last part of today’s show, enjoy today’s Good Sports!

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