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Adam opens the show talking about communication and reading between the lines of what people say. They also discuss yesterday’s very engaging interview with Maria Menounos, being in tune with yourself, and learning how to read certain situations. Adam then chats about the family being in Palm Springs while he’s at work, and the guys talk about gun control, confusing news updates, and the truth about the phrase ‘denied access’. Adam also complains about people screwing up good food, ordering the wrong thing, and people who went to modeling school. Before Good Sports, enjoy the next round of March Gradness!

Stephen Malkmus is in studio next and the guys talk about living in Portland, which is where Stephen is living these days. They also talk about why pop music feels lazy to Adam, and the guys play a round of ‘Take That Tune’. Later, Gina reads news stories about Janice Dickenson testifying against Bill Cosby, the LA Rams adding male cheerleaders, and a school in Denver going to 4 days a week. Other news stories include a sewage pipe explosion at Dodger Stadium, Subway’s Jared Fogel asking President Trump to get him out of prison, and the development of mind-reading technology. As the show wraps up, Gina reads one last story about brides who keep their maiden names after marriage.

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