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At the top of the show, Adam talks about continuing his New Year’s Resolution to perform standup more often. He also outlines his busy day starting with the Carolla Drinks Family BBQ, and ending with a whirlwind comedy set. The guys then break down reactions to comments Joe Biden made about reaching across the aisle to get things done, and Dylan joins the studio for a recap of this past weekend’s BET Awards. Gina also tells the gang about her experience at ‘Clusterfest’ Comedy Festival, and Adam plays a clip from his recent Unprepared performance in Denver. Before the break, Adam talks about being submitted for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Steve Byrne is in studio next, and the guys talk about his new documentary, ‘Always Amazing’, about the life of magician and comedian ‘The Amazing Jonathan’. They also chat about the power of editing, and Gina reads news stories about changes to the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic, a new comedy tour featuring Roseanne Barr and Andrew Dice Clay, and a re-release of the last Avengers movie. Other news stories include a guy who tried to steal Halle Berry’s house, the impact of smart phones on biology, and a study that kids are now gaining weight over the summer. As the show wraps up, the guys complain about suicide billboards at the airport, Phish concerts, and #metoo moments at the end of Stan Lee’s life. Stick around for today’s Good Sports!

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