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Adam opens the show talking about his horrible upbringing being the polar opposite of what he saw on shows like The Brady Bunch. He also shares a strange connection to today’s guest Rob Reiner, and the guys talk about trying to escape the heat wave that’s currently ravaging the country. The group then watches a video-walk-around of the house Adam grew up in. Before the break, everyone discusses the truck model most preferred by terrorists.

Adam welcomes Rob Reiner to the studio next, and the guys talk about the brilliance of ‘This Is Spinal Tap’, and Adam’s connection to Rob’s adopted daughter. The guys go on to discuss Rob’s new film ‘Shock and Awe’, and the government using state-run propaganda to fool its citizens. Later, Adam asks Rob about the origins of ‘This Is Spinal Tap’, and Bald Bryan talks to him about casting the film ‘Stand By Me’.

Adam Duritz joins the show next, and Adam asks him about the band being together for 25 years. They also talk about Adam’s upbringing, the band’s big break, and if touring has gotten any easier over the years. Later, the guys discuss some of the Counting Crows catalogue, and why Adam loves living in New York. Later, the guys react to news stories about the Thailand cave rescue, Travis Pastrana successfully recreating Evel Knievel’s iconic Caesar’s Fountain jump, and the death of 1950’s heartthrob Tab Hunter. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about Adam Duritz’s podcast, as well as surprising backup vocalist cameos.

Shock and Awe is in theaters this Friday. Find showings at You can also follow Rob on Twitter @RobReiner

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Phil On Walk In Shade

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Stand By Me Boys

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