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Adam opens the show talking about a conversation he had with his dad about owning a DVD player. He also discusses an argument he had yesterday with Rob, and chats with Gary about trying to resolve his fix-it ticket. After that, he talks with a fan that was rear ended while driving a cement truck. Later, the guys listen to some more inappropriate songs from Jim Croce, and they also take calls about peer pressure, how Adam got his unicycle, and thoughts on Comic Con. Up next, enjoy today’s Good Sports!

No guest in today’s show. Instead, the second half of the podcast opens with a round of Made Up Movie. Gina then begins the news talking about Demi Lovato’s apparent heroin overdose. They also talk about Ryan Lochte being suspended for 14 months for using an IV to inject vitamins, an on-stage fight between band members of Color Me Badd, and Bobcat Goldthwait defending James Gunn getting fired over old tweets. In the last part of the pod, the guys comment on a guy arrested for exercising naked at the gym, a recall on Goldfish crackers, and the earliest recording of David Bowie now up for auction.



Adam Carolla Dump Truck Back Dangerous Stinger 

Adam Carolla Dump Truck Stinger Crash

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