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Adam opens the show excited to talk with today’s guest, Lennox Lewis. He then tells the heartbreaking story of Corrie Sanders, as well as Lennox’s attempts to sue Don King. Adam also goes through some of his Liked Tweets, and talks more about his recent conversation with Michael Mann (which you’ll hear on Monday). Up next, the guys take a call from Butcher Box chef Yankel Polak. Adam talks to him about coming backstage after his Boston performance, and an interaction Adam had with Yankel’s girlfriend. They also talk about becoming the head chef of Butcher Box, and of course his taco power rankings.

Lennox Lewis joins the studio, and Adam compliments him about his abilities in the ring, and some of the other big names he’s gone up against. The guys go on to discuss getting bit by Mike Tyson, growing up in Canada, and some of the crazy boxing contracts he’s been offered to return to the sport. Later they talk about thinking differently in a fight, which opponents gave him the hardest hits, and how he ended up in a music video with LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez.

As Adam traces Lennox’s career from Canada to the UK, the guys also talk about how boys don’t mess with each other anymore. Adam then Adam asks Lennox for his thoughts on approaching boxing without anger. Gina reads the news with stories about Jussie Smollett, a Delta plane taking a nosedive during turbulence, and Kanye’s Kenny G Valentine’s gift to Kim Kardashian. The last set of stories are about marines drinking cobra blood, Bill Cosby comparing himself to Ghandi, and more details on the Breaking Bad sequel. As the show wraps up, Lennox tells the gang about his kids, as well as his relationship with his father.

Lennox will be doing color commentary for Premier Boxing Champions on FOX this Saturday night. You can also follow him on Twitter @LennoxLewis.

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