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Adam opens today’s podcast wondering if thinking you experienced a ghost makes you narcissistic. He also complains about vegetarian food options, and construction site graffiti. Up next, the guys then take a call from Jon Taffer and talk about under the radar drinks, and bars competing to be on Bar Rescue. Adam then talks about his love of Ben Shapiro, and the guys watch a video of Bald Bryan and his wife pretending they ate Tessa’s Halloween candy. Before the break, enjoy today’s Good Sports. 

Republican Governor Candidate John Cox is in studio next, and Adam talks to him about the horrendous traffic situation in Los Angeles that no one wants to talk about. John then talks about policy changes he would like to make, the problems with real estate going through the roof, and Gavin Newsom refusing to engage him on certain topics. Later, the guys discuss the relationship between power and policy, fixing the school system in California, and cleaning up our streets.

Gina begins today’s news with the latest accusations against Harvey Weinstein. They also talk about the son and daughter of a Missouri House candidate telling people to not vote for their father, and a guy pretending to have no memory to avoid his nagging mother-in-law. As the show wraps up, the guys watch a video of Louis Farrakhan saying horrible things about Jewish people.

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