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Adam opens today’s show complaining about the current state of kid’s sports and why Bill Bixby is to blame. Then Adam talks about the death of John Singleton and some of the work they were doing together before his heart attack.  After that, Bald Bryan reviews Avengers: Endgame in a brand new Baldywood segment.

After the break Adam welcomes Jon Lovitz to the show and asks him about  his upbringing in the San Fernando Valley.  Then Jon talks about how he first got into performing and doing comedy.  After that, Jon talks about the launch of his new toy that you can donate to on Kickstarter.  Gina then begins her news talking about a recent shooting at a synagogue that left one dead and three wounded.  She then goes on to report about a rise in measles cases across the US, the cancelation of Woodstock 50, and a Mormon BYU valedictorian that came out as gay during his graduation speech.  Other news stories include: A man in China getting beaten up for shouting Avengers Endgame spoilers outside a movie theater, the pop telling hairdressers to avoid gossiping during haircuts, and Washington possibly becoming the first state to legalize human composting,

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