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Adam talks about the new house design he’s working on with his daughter Natalia, which leads to a rant about the condition of Los Angeles. Jeff Cesario is also in studio, and the guys listen to an interview with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson about lobsters and hierarchy. The group then responds to fan phone calls about dating people who revealed later that they were gay. Chet Waterhouse also chimes in with this week’s Sports Report, and Adam and Shek crack wise in today’s Good Sports.

At the top of the second half, the guys have some issues connecting with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Bald Bryan then launches into his review of ‘The Shape of Water’ for today’s Baldywood, which leads to a discussion about everyone’s favorite movies of the year, and how politics shape the nominations. Today’s news then opens with Ann Curry’s comments about Matt Lauer. The gang also breaks down more of this year’s Oscar nominations, and talks about a former CIA officer arrested for espionage. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about the month of ‘Veganuary’.

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Ann Curry


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