Show Summary 

At the top of the show, Adam talks about the fan who keeps sending Hawaiian pizzas to the studio. Adam rants about the wrong types of pizza crust, and then he talks with AJ Benza about the latest developments with the Asia Argento story.  Adam also asks AJ about his thoughts on Louis CK, and the craziness of Alex Jones. Up next, enjoy today’s Good Sports.

Jay Mohr is back in studio next, and Adam tells him about his TV pitch for teaching Norm Macdonald how to drive. Adam also catches up with ‘Big Mama Got It All’, as well as ‘Coach Tony Bennett’. Later the guys talk about the new ‘Fantasy BS’ podcast with Bald Bryan and Sonny, which leads to a conversation about what everyone’s first year of high school was like.

Gina begins the news talking about Harvey Weinstein’s request to have Ashley Judd’s case thrown out. They also talk about Google’s response to Donald Trump’s claims that search results are rigged against him, Ben Affleck possibly losing the role of Batman for going to rehab, and California eliminating cash bail. Other news stories include ways people screw up their job interviews, the Judas Priest frontman’s thoughts on activism, and how to be your own boss as a small business delivering Amazon packages. As the show wraps up, Mark Geragos pops in studio to comment on the CA cash bail news story.

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