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At the top of the show, Adam talks about Matt D’Andria losing his sunglasses at the Carolla Digital BBQ, only to find today that they were moved to a strange place. Adam then shares some bad news about Starbucks’ sous vide eggs, and gives an update on his research on Joey Heatherton. Nate then calls in to discuss why he moved Matt’s sunglasses without alerting anyone, and Gina reads news stories about the death of reality star Beth Chapman, Robert Mueller’s upcoming testimony in front of congress, and Bill Cosby’s 350-page appeal. Before the break, Gina reads one more new story about San Francisco banning the sale of e-cigs. 

Jason Whitlock then joins the studio for a 1-on-1 interview. Adam and Jason discuss sports becoming more politicized, which leads to further conversation about NBA moving away from the term ‘owners’, and athletes getting Hollywood development deals. They also talk about speaking your mind despite what others think, celebs having to apologize for innocuous statements just so they can keep working, and Jason’s experiences growing up with a bigoted dad. Other topics of conversation include confusing racism for someone just being an a-hole, lessons that Jason learned from his dad, and how to remedy some of the problems in the black community. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about the media using racism as a buzzword, and why no presidential candidate will do anything to help you. 

‘Speak For Yourself’ returns July 1st on Fox Sports 1. You can also follow Jason on Twitter @WhitlockJason


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