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Adam opens the show with more thoughts leftover from his holiday vacation, including ‘#RCS’, hotel complaints, and losing multiple hats. The guys also talk about trapping rats, and take a call from RJ Bell to discuss the playoffs, Super Bowl predictions, and of course RJ’s Parlay. Before the break, listen to a clip of Cousin Sal on Bill Simmons’ podcast talking about their group trip to Hawaii, and enjoy today’s ‘Good Sports’!

Jake Weisman is in studio next, and the guys talk about the never-ending landscape of TV entertainment. They chat about working with Comedy Central, having a single project define your legacy, and Jake’s career rise. The guys also talk about selling sconces and chandeliers, and respond to news stories about Trump and North Korea, updates on Harvey Weinstein, and Rose McGowan’s upcoming TV series. Later, the guys play a round of Germany or Florida, and comment on the nine most popular New Years Resolutions of 2018. As the show wraps up, the guys respond to news stories about plane problems, and new laws in Texas about open carry of large bladed weapons.

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