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As the podcast opens up, Adam shares his latest idea to make your life easier—if you fall into a very specific group of people. Bald Bryan then reviews the movie everyone’s talking about: ‘Black Panther’. The guys also listen to a story about Adam’s prior interaction with Heather Graham, and then everyone talks about the awkwardness of public saunas at the YMCA. After that, enjoy today’s ‘Good Sports’.

Heather Graham and Chris D’Elia are in studio next, and Adam talks to her about her first film that she wrote and direct. They also discuss the market for female-driven movies, what it felt like on the set of ‘Boogie Nights’, and Chris’ experience while making the new movie. Later, Chris answers questions as Jean-Claude Van Damme during a hilarious round of WWJCVDD.

Gina starts the news discussing the first sheep-human hybrid, which could one day provide organs for transplanting. They also talk about a Russian Olympic curler suspected of doping, Jennifer Lawrence taking a year off acting for political activism, and a passenger caught drying their underwear on an international flight. As the show wraps up, the guys react to a statistic about people postponing their wedding because they couldn’t afford it.

‘Half Magic’ is in theaters and On Demand this Friday, February 23rd
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