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At the top of the show, Adam wraps up some unfinished business from yesterday’s show about the Coen Brother’s remake of ‘True Grit’. Vinnie Tortorich is also in studio, and Adam tells him about Sonny’s ‘Halloween Diet’, and Natalia’s decision to order GrubHub from two different restaurants. Later they discuss Adam’s quest to find the perfect breakfast sausage patty, and his thoughts on maintaining personal relationships. After that, the guys talk with a caller looking to get back into shape to apply for an FBI job, and Vinnie gives advice on what you can eat on Football Sundays. Before Good Sports, enjoy today’s ‘Eat Your Feelings’.

Drew Michael is in studio next, and Adam talks to him about his fantastic new HBO standup special, and the viewing habits of people who like comedy. Adam then compliments Drew on his ability to mine comedy out of awkward scenarios, and the guys watch a classic Man Show sketch. They also discuss the innovative format of Drew’s special, and the crazy world we’re living in where people don’t want to see the other side’s POV. Some of today’s news stories include a Suge Knight update, a crude touchdown celebration, and a therapist offering ‘kink counseling’. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss if we’ll ever legalize prostitution, and Gina reads a couple more news stories about Damon Wayans Jr. leaving the Lethal Weapon TV series, and statistics about saving up for vacations.

Check out Drew Michael’s new HBO standup special. You can also visit and follow him on Twitter @DrewMichael.

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