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Adam sits down 1-on-1 with Dennis Quaid at the top of the show. The guys chat about how one of Dennis’ earlier movies, ‘Breaking Away’, inspired Adam very early on in his life. Adam also asks him about his marriage to Meg Ryan, and Dennis speaks openly about fighting a cocaine addiction. Later, Adam talks with Dennis about his rise to fame, the release of his first album, and why he’s happier now in his life than ever before. Other topics of conversation include raising their kids, and Dennis playing Ronald Regan in an upcoming new movie.

Producer Mark Joseph then joins the studio, and Adam and Dennis talk with him about his time growing up in Japan. The guys also chat about how America looks on the world stage, and the importance of free speech, as discussed in the new documentary, “No Safe Spaces”. Before the break, Adam talks about speaking with congress, and Mark talks further about how their documentary evolved, and some of Dennis Prager’s banned YouTube videos.

Gordon Ramsay is in studio next, and Adam is excited to talk with him about cars, cooking, and philosophy. Gordon then talks about the importance of finding your passion, and he tells his own story of getting injured as a soccer player and then finding his way in the world away from his parents. They also talk about raising kids with the right mental tools, and their shared love of cars and racing. Gordon chats more about running triathlons, and the fact that any idiot can open a restaurant. Before heading out, Adam asks Gordon how he reacts to people in his life that don’t have his drive, and his thoughts on taco rankings. Stick around for today’s Good Sports!

‘Out of the Box’ by Dennis Quaid and The Sharks is available now on Spotify and iTunes.

And make sure to watch the Season 2 premiere of ’24 Hours to Hell and Back’, January 2nd on Fox. For more on Gordon, follow him on Twitter @GordonRamsay


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