Show Summary 

Adam opens the show talking about trying to get a decent haircut. Travis Pastrana then calls in, and Adam talks with him about attempting some of the same iconic stunts that Evel Knievel pulled off, including the Caesar’s Fountain Jump. The guys talk a bit further about the equipment necessary to pull these stunts off, as well as the legacy of Evel. Later, Adam takes fan phone calls about getting Gavin Newsom back on the podcast, thoughts on The Blues Brothers, things Adam said that he wishes he could take back, and saying the word ‘pancake’ strangely. Before Good Sports, Adam finishes his haircut story and listens a mash-up of Maxine Waters latest crazy speech.

Dave Rubin is in studio next, and Adam talks with him about intellectual honesty, finding ‘learning moments’ in your conversations, and how to survive our reactionary culture. They also talk about finding meaning in your life outside of politics, going off the grid for a month, and being an anomaly in that Dave is a conservative-leaning gay man. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about service animals on planes, and Ron Jeremy getting in trouble when the cameras weren’t rolling. 


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Producers: Mike August, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson

Co-Producers: Chris Laxamana, Gary Smith, Matt Fondiler, Caelan Biehn, and Dylan Wrenn

Newsgirl: Gina Grad

Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop