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At the top of today’s pod, the guys talk about taunting songs from their youths. Adam and Bryan also commiserate over having mean grandmothers, and everyone listens to a new Rich Banks song about Dawson. Dan Patrick then calls in, and Adam chats with him about the future of MMA, and the legacies of fighters like Connor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. They also talk about working with Danny Bonaduce, and Bald Bryan reviews ‘A Star Is Born.’ Up next, enjoy Adam and Shek’s conversation about massage etiquette in today’s Good Sports. 

Ike Barinholtz is in studio next, and the guys talk about election arguments bubbling into Thanksgiving dinner. They also talk about what they remember from Donald Trump’s inauguration, which leads to a rant about Mike Love. The guys then talk about other celebs people confuse Ike with, and Gina begins the news talking about a passenger removed after bringing an emotional support squirrel onto a plane. Other news stories include Jimmy Kimmel’s new Las Vegas comedy club, a foiled bomb attempt, and the latest updates on Harvey Weinstein. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about a new Amy Winehouse hologram, and someone busted for cheating thanks to Google Street View.

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