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Adam welcomes Vinnie Tortorich back to the podcast right at the top of the show. The guys chat about a holiday party that Adam attended last night, and getting a new grill from Jimmy Kimmel. Everyone goes on to talk about the importance of networking and being around successful people, and Adam rants about the music playing at the dentist office. Vinnie then shares an article that frustrated him about the dangers of meat, and everyone talks about misinformation in the world of dieting. They also discuss Vinnie wrapping up his new documentary, and Adam explains the life lesson he tried to teach Sonny about focusing on another sport. Up next, the guys talk about whether or not Adam’s voice has changed over the years, and then Gina brings in a new dish for today’s Eat Your Feelings. 

Chris Rubio and Chris Sailer are in studio next, and Adam talks with the guys about their college careers, and the evolution of kicking and long snapping. They also chat about how society will change when kids who didn’t play football get older, who the highest paid kickers are, and Adam’s lack of technique when long snapping. Later, the guys watch footage of Adam long snapping on film, and Rubio and Sailer talk about the kids that attend their academies. Adam also pitches his movie idea about long snapping, and recalls a particularly harrowing game he played in.

Gina starts up today’s news talking about Sesame Street’s new homeless character. They also talk about ‘crack fries’ being seen as an offensive food name, and Google’s list of top searched words in 2018. Other news stories include updates on the ‘Blurred Lines’ lawsuit, Maroon 5 having problems finding other musicians perform with them at the upcoming Super Bowl, and this year’s White House Christmas Party being cancelled. As the show wraps up, enjoy today’s Good Sports! 

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