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At the top of the show, Adam tells Bryan and Gina about his experience shooting a new video with Cedric the Entertainer earlier today. Adam then talks about his solo birthday adventure in Malibu, and an epic 5-hour dinner with friends. Adam goes on to discuss the perfection of a good pie, and a documentary he loved about the tragic life of racecar driver Peter Revson.

Gina then reads news stories about MacKenzie Bezos donated $17 billion dollars of her divorce settlement to charity. They also talk about a new DeLorean documentary Adam watched, prison riots all across Brazil, and Lamar Odom accusing Dennis Hof of trying to poison him. 

Adam welcomes Cedric the Entertainer into the studio. Adam asks Cedric about his journey into comedy, and the guys talk about performing as a youth and building up his confidence doing standup sets. They also discuss the pressures of throwing the first pitch at a baseball game, leaving a corporate job behind to do comedy, and reconciling with your dad after a rough adolescence. Later they talk about constantly pushing yourself to generate new material, the origins of the ‘Kings of Comedy’ tour, and comedians and rappers becoming politically motivated. As the interview wraps up, the guys talk about their new joint venture, ‘Meme Gods’.  Stick around for today’s Good Sports.

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