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At the top of the show, the guys discuss the mass shooting at Thousand Oaks Borderline, which is a venue that the gang performs at frequently. They go on to talk about how religion may need to be brought back, and what to do about gun control. Bill O’Reilly then calls in to comment on the recent tragedy, and also to talk about his new book, ‘Killing the SS’, and the nature of evil. Later they talk further about the quest to hunt down former SS officers who committed atrocities during the Holocaust, and the importance of implementing a ‘see something, say something’ policy.

Vinnie Tortorich is in studio next, and the guys talk about Sonny getting hit in the head at school. Adam then asks Vinnie about Vitamin D, and our nation’s terrible dieting habits. They also talk about childhood obesity, why we don’t need soap or shampoo, and the essential vitamins that people should be taking. Up next, enjoy today’s Eat Your Feelings segment.

Today’s news begins with a discussion about Jim Acosta’s press pass being revoked. They also talk about a guy who wants to legally change his age from 69 to 49, an 11 year old facing felony charges after stealing his mom’s car, and George Clooney selling his motorcycle. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Stay tuned for today’s Good Sports!

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