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At the top of the show, Bryan talks about his success with the Keto diet, and how he learned to stopped biting his nails. Adam then rants about carbs in his fridge, and the lack of heavy cream at the studio. They also discuss airport travel woes, and Adam rants about the upcoming Dora the Explorer movie, as well as his thoughts on Jude Law’s hair. Later, Adam brings up an argument he got into with Dave Dameshek about salad dressing.

After the break, Adam shares a video featuring an old guy getting beat up by a ‘woke’ kid that wasn’t covered by mainstream media.  Dawson then does a live taste test of the coffee creamer, which leads to a news story about the world’s most expensive cup of coffee. Bassem Youssef then joins the studio, and Adam asks him about the science supporting a plant-based diet. Bassem also talks about his time as a physician, and the guys respond to more news stories about a signed Beatles album sold at auction, an awful smelling fruit that evacuated an entire building, and an absurd fine for not mowing your lawn. In the last part of the show, Bassem talks about doing comedy in another language, and how Adam inspired him to take the risk. Stick around for today’s Good Sports! 

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JB Weld: World's strongest bond

Castrol Edge: Titanium strong for maximum engine support let them know Adam sent you



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