Show Summary 

At the top of the show, Adam shares his concerns about Sonny and trying to motivate everyone to get up and get to work. The group goes on to discuss how the world is splitting into two different factions, and how you will have to actively fight against your nature to not become a lazy slob. RJ Bell then calls in, and Adam talks with him about cleaning up after the annual holiday party, followed by analyzing his betting record this season. They also talk about ‘Jimmy the Greek’, and RJ makes his picks for this weekend. Up next, Gina brings in a delicious meatloaf for this week’s Eat Your Feelings, and the guys discuss some classic Loveline moments.

Alex Winter and Geoff Clark are in studio next, and the guys talk about ‘Blockchain’, as well as how fast humanity is evolving. Adam then asks Alex about his time working with Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as his previous doc, ‘The Panama Papers’. Later they discuss living in a post-privacy world, how we can create a positive future for the next generation, and how easily humans are influenced. In lieu of today’s news, the guys spend the last part of today’s show chatting about life in the era of Fake News. Stick around for today’s Good Sports!

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