Show Summary 

Adam opens today’s show talking with AJ Benza about Barbra Streisand. The guys go on to discuss their favorite go-to karaoke tracks, non-dairy creamers, and the Typhus outbreak in Los Angeles. They also chat about the Khabib-McGregor fight, and thoughts on which gender you prefer to get a massage from. From there, Adam reacts to some of his Liked Tweets, and he takes a call from a fan whose parents won’t change the smoke detector batteries. Today’s Good Sports then covers Adam and Shek’s idols growing up, when Adam realized he was poor, and Eddie Murphy’s first record.

AJ Benza hangs out in Part 2 of today’s show. The guys talk more about picking the right karaoke songs, and Adam continues his conversation with the fan whose parents won’t change the smoke detector batteries. They also chat with callers about Rae Carruth getting out of prison, and celeb cocaine stories. Gina then begins the news with updates on the horrible limo crash from last week, and Verne Troyer’s death. Other stories include Selena Gomez’s meltdown, an incident at a Halloween party, and a jouster who accidentally impaled themselves and died. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about Rosie O’Donnell’s 3rd marriage. 

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Producers: Mike August, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson 
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