Adam Carolla Loves Avril Lavigne
Yep. You read that correctly. Adam Carolla, the man who loves Graham Parker, Joe Jackson, John Hiatt and loathes pretty much...  
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VIDEO: Rob Riggle Recounts His Experience at Ground Zero
Rob Riggle was part of the only active fleet of Marines in Manhattan when the towers went down. This is the story of the days
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Thank You To The Heroes Who Helped Us Recover
Amazing story from one of the funniest and bravest people we know. Rob Riggle recounts what is was like to be on the ground in Manhattan on 9/11 and what it was like in the days that followed...
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Dr. Drew's 60th Birthday Party Podcast

Recorded live at Dr Drew’s 60th Birthday Party Toasty (non) Roast.

Featuring guests (in order of appearance):

Adam Carolla, Lauren Sivan, Mike Carano, Bob Forrest, Theo Von, Heather McDonald, Bob Saget, Ginger Gonzaga, Steve-O, Tom Arnold...

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It was a round themed off the city that he came from. 
His scores were ripped from the back of the jerseys worn by Steelers...
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Feel free to talk to friends and family about your hatred for Nike, Kaepernick, the NFL, the left, black people, whatever you want. It's America.  And yes, as we are in America, you are even free to...
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If you are boycotting In-N-Out you are garbage.  Alright, I'll calm down, BUT you ARE, at LEAST, an intellectual lightweight prone to hysteria and incapable of weighing good and bad...

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Dennis Miller Has Won the Rotten Tomatoes Game
When Mr. Matt Atchity brought the Rotten Tomatoes game to the Adam Carolla Show, he changed the course of history. 

What Matt brought to ACS was a weekly...
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How to Defeat a Great White
There is a man who lurks at the bottom of the ocean... with an oxygen tank... obviously, humans absolutely NEED air to breath. Anyways, there is a man who lurks at the bottom of the ocean with an oxygen tank. What does he do down there?...
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A Tale Of Two Jerrys
There was once a man named Jerry and there was once another man named Jerry. 
One Jerry was smaller, slower, and weaker than the other. 
One Jerry worked harder, longer and better than the other...
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Bands In The Sand Recap
Now that’s SUMMER! It's only been a week and we wish we were back at Sea Legs! 

A perfect 78 degrees on the beach, a nice ocean breeze, friends, drinks and music. Our first ever Bands in the Sand went off flawlessly (well nearly...minus the really angry drivers that kept trying to sneak through the back gate every time we went to unlock it for one of the artists...
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Listen. I love soccer. It is the greatest sport on planet earth... objectively, in my opinion. Please stop saying "no one in our country cares" and "no one in our country watches." Simple math will tell you that you're wrong and while we're on the subject, PLEASE stop saying...

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Episode Highlight: Sarah Gertrude Shapiro
Interested in reality TV, comments made by Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee, and the world’s largest Gin & Juice?  Or what you can learn from your gut?
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Layers of Flavors
Read how Adam's Cabernet Sauvignon 33 captures deeper flavors of tobacco, clove, coco, green peppercorn and leather. How is something this good actually possible?
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Cars: Adam's 1971 BRE Datsun 510 Trans-Am 2.5
Named one of the "5 Coolest Cars in Adam Carolla's Garage" by Automobile Magazine.
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