By Dylan Wrenn

September 4, 2018

If you are boycotting In-N-Out you are garbage.

Alright, I'll calm down, BUT you ARE, at LEAST, an intellectual lightweight prone to hysteria and incapable of weighing good and bad.

Alright, that wasn't much better.

Listen, I myself am what many would call a “liberal snowflake.”

I wrote in Bernie Sanders in 2016 and vehemently disagree with most everything our dear leader does and says BUT I also acknowledge, nay believe, whole heartedly, that if someone feels THE EXACT OPPOSITE, it doesn’t make them evil... in most cases.

Let's take In-N-Out for example. A company that has a recently come under fire for supporting the Republican agenda... shocker. They put bible verses on the bottom of their fucking cups! Who knew!?! Please God do not ask them how they feel about gay marriage... we'll have Chic-Fil-A all over again.

Now that we have monetary evidence of what we already knew, let me ask the question... who the f**k cares? 

In-N-Out may lean conservative but here's a list of other thigs they do:

-They take care of their employees - 401K's, health care, and salaries above minimum wage

-The food is better than any fast food chain in the state aside from the rare "I'm high and only Taco Bell will do" moment.

-They STARTED the drive thru in California - fuck them for that but honestly thank you and that’s innovation

-They have a university! A school where they train managers. That's how much they care about the service and operation of their restaurants

-All of the "rich kids" in the family have been put to work. Flipping burgers, cutting fries, cleaning the floors, they've done it all.

-They won't open a franchise unless they can get fresh ingredients there for customers.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY - Double Double: $3.45 Big Mac: $3.99 WHAT!?! 

Many of this, native Southwest Coasters already knew, but it serves as a friendly reminder that if someone disagrees with you politically, look at what they do, how they impact humanity and if they are existing for good, who cares how they feel about taxes or guns?

Don't boycott them.