by Dylan Wrenn

August 9, 2018


From the August 7th 2018 Episode of The Adam Carolla Show - Listen HERE


There is a man who lurks at the bottom of the ocean... with an oxygen tank... obviously, humans absolutely NEED air to breath. Anyways, there is a man who lurks at the bottom of the ocean with an oxygen tank. What does he do down there? Simple. Charges at great whites. 


That's right. He CHARGES at great white sharks. What would drive a man to do this? Simple. Genius. 


Think about it... is there anything in the world that charges at a great white? So what happens when someone/something does? They absolutely FREAK. 


There is another predator on land possibly more lethal than the great white. A predator that stalks you and attacks at your weakest moment. A predator than can end your life depending on how well you can hide prejudices and addiction. That predator, is a TMZ reporter. 


We had not known how to deal with these monsters until the great Thomas Lennon joined the show and told us all, to charge.