by Dylan Wrenn

August 13, 2018

From the August 13th 2018 Episode of The Adam Carolla Show - Listen HERE

When Mr. Matt Atchity brought the Rotten Tomatoes game to the Adam Carolla Show, he changed the course of history.

What Matt brought to ACS was a weekly, sometimes bi-weekly gauntlet. A Kumite of movie knowledge, and a Planet Eart style examination of the creature that is the blowhard Certified Critic. Filled was a void of competition.

Since that day, few have won...

In fact, really only Adam, Bryan and Gina have, on account of they've got quite the monopoly on actual starting positions... but not of late.

There has been a new warrior to enter into this arena. A man by the name of Dennis Michael Miller.

Dennis has entered into this coloseum numerous times over the past few months and has been slaughtered almost every time. Remember, this is the man who gave The Master of Disguise a 100% so as to not "offend" his SNL cast member Dana Carvey. 1) Dana doesn't listen to this show and 2) Dana knows that movie is bad and most importantly! 3) This is a sign of weakness. A lack of ruthlessness that IS REQUIRED if you want to win this game.

We thought the man was too soft. We thought his lack of knowledge of films made after 1955 would hurt him, and we were right, until today...

Ladies and gentlemen, Dennis Miller has won the Rotten Tomatoes game. Take a listen to this historic moment.

Somehow, Urkel got his arm raised.