Now that’s SUMMER! It's only been a week and we wish we were back at Sea Legs! 

A perfect 78 degrees on the beach, a nice ocean breeze, friends, drinks and music. Our first ever Bands in the Sand went off flawlessly (well nearly...minus the really angry drivers that kept trying to sneak through the back gate every time we went to unlock it for one of the artists...maybe check out the After Show for more on that).

Roses And Cigarettes kicked off live music right at 3. Angela and Jenny were even sweeter (and more rock and roll) in real life. It was such a pleasure to have them. I have been a fan of theirs ever since I first saw them shredding on Norman’s Rare Guitars Insta Page last year. Jenny has been battling breast cancer for a couple years, and it just came out of remission. She has a GoFundMe set up to help her fight some more ( Hopefully teaming up with these ladies again in the very near future!

The Smokin Kills, lead by our own Mike Dawson, followed the ladies and they didn’t miss a beat. Mike’s gravely, soulful, voice covered the beach like a soft beach towel (maybe like the ones in our new merch store...maybe we should make one with Dawson smoking a cig on it??). The Smokin Kills are the rock band you’d expect. Creative storytelling with a lead guitar that will melt the ice in your piña colada. I do believe TSK will be available on Spotify very soon. Stay tuned.

The hometown hero’s, LAXI, took the stage at 5p. Chris, Mikey and Will, all grew up down the street from Sea Legs, and seeing their fan support was something special. Seeing a SoCal rock band, in front of a SoCal crowd is a real treat. For those out there that dig a power trio, LAXI does not disappoint. Soulful grooves and booming vocals (height to vocal range = booming), LAXI is a must see. They play a ton around LA so keep an eye on for a show nearby.

Our headliners, Mo Lowda and The Humble flat out crushed. Another power trio bringing walls of sound. It’s really hard to sound better in person than on a record, but these guys were damn close, and nice guys to boot. A lot of references made to the sound these guys bring (mostly Kings of Leon), but you guys should decide. You will not be disappointed taking 5 minutes to peruse their catalog. My favorite is Card Shark, or Why Did It Take So Long. These boys will be around for a long time. Hopefully they don’t forget us when they are selling out venues everywhere.
And a BIG THANKS to DJ Produxtion for all the help! 

Hope we can keep bringing fun events to all those that care to come!

Special thanks for the day goes out to Sea Legs at the Beach and their amazing staff (, Dougie Craig, your friend and mine White Kevin Hart (a.k.a., Chris Atkins) and his GF Layne, Megan Tritsch, Jocelyn Brown, Emi and Paola Funes, Patrick and Cherri Hickey, Mat Edgar for helping me fend off a drunken park goer trying to sneak into the back gate, and all of the workers at the state park.