Yep. You read that correctly. Adam Carolla, the man who loves Graham Parker, Joe Jackson, John Hiatt and loathes pretty much everything else, also loves Avril Lavigne. 

He loves her anger. Her spunk. Her stature and her rhyming. He loves her money making spirit and the grit required to slap lyme disease right in the face. 

He's been known to blast Complicated on the way up to Pebble Beach, or on his way to the grocery store. 

Here are a few real things he said about the Canadian pop superstar on yesterday's episode: 

"Complicated is awesome. That's our go to." 

"She is hot and that song is hotter." 

"[She does] lots of complicated rhyming." 

"She's tough!" 

"She just rhymed tool and fool. Who else can do that?" 

"She had to go and break my heart by marrying that Sum 41 douche." 

There's plenty more to be said about Avril and Adam does in fact do that on today's episode.