by Dylan Wrenn

August 7, 2018

From the August 7th 2018 Episode of The Adam Carolla Show - Listen HERE

There was once a man named Jerry and there was once another man named Jerry. 
One Jerry was smaller, slower, and weaker than the other. 
One Jerry worked harder, longer and better than the other. 
One Jerry faded into irrelevancy for most. 
One Jerry became the greatest wide reciever of all time with and now sits in the Hall of Fame with three Superbowl Rings, thirteen Pro Bowls, 23,000 yards, over 1,500 receptions, and almost 200 touchdowns. 
That man's name is Jerry Porter, sorry, no that's wrong. 
That man's name is Jerry Rice. 
I doesn't matter if you're 20 pounds lighter than the other guy. It doesn't matter if you're a few tenths slower. You can always beat a lazy man with god given ability with a little of your own and a work ethic that is unrivaled. 
If you know someone who is resting on his or her laurels, tell them the tale of two Jerrys.