By Gina Grad
October 3, 2018


After getting over a cold and still having Adam’s rant against lentil chili ringing in my ears (he’s right, by the way), I had a hankering for good old fashioned hearty chili like you wouldn’t believe! 

I found a paleo recipe that I really like at 

I pretty much followed her instructions to a tee this time EXCEPT I subbed out ground beef for ground turkey, I added bacon (and cooked the turkey and veggies in the bacon fat), and added a very small amount of cubes of butternut squash. (Feel free to leave out the squash but it certainly didn’t hurt it!)

This one is pretty easy...

Brown and season the meat, cook the veggies, add the low sugar paste / diced tomatoes, bring to a boil and simmer for 20! That’s basically it!

It’s even better the next day - especially with some cheddar and full fat sour cream!