By Gina Grad

Friday, August 31, 2018

You wanna make something so delicious that people will vie to be your best friend every day for the rest of your life and so good for you that Vinnie Tortorich will ride a bike all the way to your house just to high five you? Cool! Here’s how!


LOW sugar (from the tomato sauce), NO grain (because of the almond meal).

Here we go...

I chose ground turkey because I like ground turkey but you can do beef or pork or whatever you want - Go crazy! It’s your life!

Turkey Meatball recipe:

I can never make a recipe EXACTLY like it says so here’s how I tweaked it:

I tripled the recipe (you and your people will mow through it).

And I added sautéed onions, chopped mushrooms and minced garlic.

Also, I didn’t bake them. I cooked them in two skillets on top of the oven because I think you’ll get a less dry product. (I said “less dry” to avoid saying “moister”).

Once you make your homemade meatballs, here’s how you assemble them into casserole form. SOOOO easy...

Meatball Parm casserole - Mrs Happy Homemaker

You can make your own sauce but I didn’t…Trader Joe’s has a lot of good low sugar options. The lowest I could find was 3g per half cup when others are as high as 11g per half cup. (Anna Vocino may have an #NSNG marinara recipe in her book Eat Happy).

Serve with a vegetable - I did sautéed broccolini with garlic and lemon juice.

Everyone will devour it but it reheats well in case there are any leftovers!

Bon appetite!!