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Adam opens the show talking about how strange it is to have famous friends when you think of them as just ‘regular people’. He also talks about the infamous yearly dinner where everyone tries to run up Baby Doll’s tab, and an exciting day of taping Catch A Contractor. Adam then plays one of the crappiest songs he’s ever heard and talks to fans about going to a cop bar with Chris Penn, going to the beach as a kid, and men who attend birthing classes.

Will Forte and Daniel Schechter are in studio next, and talk about their new film, ‘Life of Crime’. Adam also compliments Will on his performance in the film ‘Nebraska’, and Will shares his experiences on Saturday Night Live and The Groundlings. Today’s news starts with a report on this weekend’s earthquake in the bay area. They also discuss the death of Richard Attenborough. As the show wraps up, the group talks about gunshots at a Chris Brown party.


See Life of Crime, in theaters this Friday. You can also visit, and follow the guys on Twitter @OrvilleIV and @DanSchechter



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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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