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Adam opens the show discussing his visit to the Children’s Hospital today. He also talks about connecting with the other Long Beach Grand Prix drivers, and discusses the importance of camaraderie. Later, Adam takes a call from Al Madrigal, and the guys chat about John Stewart’s directorial debut, his new standup special, and what it was like being interviewed by HBO Latino. Adam also complains about douchebag drivers. Trevor Moore sits down next, and Adam talks to him about being the youngest published cartoonist. They also discuss Trevor’s parents writing the number 2 Christian song in America, and Trevor reflects on his childhood touring the country with them in a Winnebago. Other news stories include the release of photos and video of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, and a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss wedding gift etiquette and being threatened by an Elvis impersonator.


Grab your copy of ‘Drunk Texts to Myself’ by clicking through our Amazon link. You can also visit, or follow him on Twitter @ITrevorMoore. Also be sure to watch the premiere of ‘Why Is The Rabbit Crying?’ next Friday, April 26th, on Comedy Central. More info at or @AlMadrigal.


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