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Adam opens the show complaining about the hot dusty mess filming Catch a Contractor in the sweltering heat. Bald Bryan then reviews the film ‘Boyhood’ for this week’s Baldywood segment. Adam also jumps to the phones and talks with callers about teaching his son about grit, what motivates an entrepreneur to open their first location, and having sex in your sleep. Later, Alison talks about how excited she is to go to a Facts of Life reunion tonight.

Tom Sizemore is in studio next, and talks about the film he is crowdfunding that his brother wrote. The guys also discuss Tom’s continued sobriety and how Hollywood has responded. After a discussion about the decline of Detroit, Alison opens the news. The guys talk about the Django Unchained actress being accused of prostitution, Jimmy Kimmel’s new pilot, and Burger King Japan’s ‘black burger’ with squid ink. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss Neil Young dating Daryl Hannah.


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Django Unchained Actress Arrest

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