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Adam opens the show talking with Alison about plus sized models. He also rants about the animalistic society we live in where people spit their gum out wherever they want. Adam then talks about the ridiculousness of the delayed Chandra Levy case, and Bald Bryan reviews the new Star Trek movie for this week’s ‘Baldywood’. Tom Papa enters the studio next, and he talks with Adam about filming the new HBO film, ‘Behind the Candelabra’. The guys also discuss the realities of Liberace’s life, and how realistically Michael Douglas and Matt Damon play their roles. Alison then opens the news announcing the new mayor of Los Angeles. As the show wraps up, they talk about Villaraigosa going break, Nicki Minaj’s lapdance at the Billboard Music Awards, and Seth Meyers replacing Jimmy Fallon on ‘Late Night’.


Watch Tom Papa in the new HBO film, ‘Behind the Candelabra’, premiering this Sunday, May 26th at 9pm. For more info, check out, or follow him on Twitter @TomPapa.


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