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Adam opens the show complaining about bands with potential that churn out horrible songs. He also rants about always mispronouncing names once he’s messed it up once. David Wild then shares pictures from the horrific SFO crash and talks about interviewing Sonny Bono the day before he died. Adam also recalls an interesting exchange he had on Ace on the House with an Indian guy living in Russia. Next up, Adam jokes about getting inundated with booze-themed gifts. Toad The Wet Sprocket plays their new hit song live, and Adam talks with them about their very successful KickStarter campaign. After ranting about the new Mangria Brose label, Alison starts up the news. Today they discuss the crash at San Francisco Airport, Randy Travis’ hospitalization, and Jim Carrey’s assault weapon antics. As the show wraps up, Toad plays another amazing song for Adam.


Get your copy of ‘New Constellation’ on September 3rd. In the meantime, head over to Kickstarter and contribute to the project. You can also visit, or follow the band on Twitter @ToadWetSprocket.


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