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At the top of the show, Adam talks about a funny interview he recently did for the Newman Doc, and the latest updates on his out-of-town visits for Catch A Contractor. Adam then talks about confusion with fulfilling Road Hard backer requests, and answers a fan phone call about going to therapy. Next up, Adam debuts the cover of his new book, ‘Daddy Stop Talking’, and takes a second fan call about the final days working with Riki Rachtman on Loveline.

Dexter and Noodles of The Offspring are in studio next, and Adam makes fun of their very different ‘Fact Sheets’. The guys then talk about the thrill of performing live, Dexter’s experiences flying around the world, and the time Noodles was stabbed by a skinhead. Later, Gina starts out the news with a story about the penalties for ‘Deflate-Gate’. They also discuss the first female to pilot an F-35, the ‘Red Nose Day’ Campaign, and a child pornography controversy surrounding the mayor of Las Vegas. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss how the shape of your glass determines how much you drink.



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Adam’s Childrens Book, Animated

World’s Fastest Boat

Tom Brady Speaks

NFL Snowplow

Shaq Ice Cream Truck

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