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At the top of the show, Adam complains about people who don’t pull their cars to the side of the road. He then talks more about his experience at Coronado, and takes fan phone calls about which child he prefers, how to write a birthday card to your strict father, and who Adam would considering shacking up with if he was gay. Before the break, since Bald Bryan is still out, The Porcelain Punisher joins for a Joseph Gordon-Levitt themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

Adam welcomes The Liberal Rednecks to the studio next, and the guys talk about the formation of their group. They chat with Adam about Southern culture, and feeling like you’re in the closet being Liberal minded in the middle of a very conservative area. Later they joke about Guys Gone Wild. Gina begins the news with a story about Elizabeth Warren laying into a Wells Fargo CEO. They also talk about an ‘open carry’ college campus in Texas, and a cafeteria worker who quit after being forced to deny a poor student a hot lunch. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the most authentic way to drink moonshine.



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