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Adam opens the show talking about his frustrating drive to the airport after his Sacramento gig. Dawson then plays a clip of a new movie trailer, and Adam is reminded of his prophetic fake movie, ‘Navigeddon’. After that, the highly anticipated return of ‘Namedropping’ with David Wild. Before the break, Adam takes a call from a fan about teaching Sonny to break wind without breaking his stride.

Tara Reid and Sharknado director Anthony Ferrante are in studio next, and Anthony explains that as the series has gone on, they have gotten more permission to do whatever they want with the films. They also talk about some of the great cameos in the movies, and a new Twitter campaign to dictate whether Tara Reid’s character should live or die. Tara then talks about constantly working for the last 30 years, and Anthony discusses some of the new projects he’s developing.

Gina starts up the news with the ruling on Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension. The gang also chats about John Cena’s broken nose, Shia LeBeouf’s latest public meltdown, and the latest policy for the Boy Scouts of America. Later, the guys talk about a public shaming at a baseball game, and everyone talks about the rights of celebrities who get zero profit from having their pictures taken and names run through the mud. As the show wraps up, the group discusses the body image issues of little kids.


Watch the re-airing of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No on August 8th, 8pm on SyFy. You can also follow today’s guests on Twitter @TaraReid and @ACFerrante.

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