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Adam opens the show sitting down one-on-two with Susanna Hoffs and David Wild. Adam talks with Susanna about an old house party at Molly Ringwald’s, and David shares his love of Susanna’s new album. The guys discuss their personal musical tastes, and Susanna talks about the beginnings of The Bangles. Later they talk about experiences on the road, and what it was like performing once the band had a big pop single.  Next up, Adam and Susanna invite her guitarist Andrew Brassell to the studio, and she and Andrew play a live song off the new album. They also talk about smelly microphone covers, only liking a band for their radio hits, and what it was like interacting with Prince. As the show wraps up, Adam talks to Susanna about her relationship with her husband, director Jay Roach.


Click through our Amazon link and pick up your copy of ‘Someday’. You can also follow today’s guest on Twitter @SusannaHoffs, and visit her site for more info: Also be sure to follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.

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