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Adam opens the show complaining about the sty he has in his eye. He also talks about the film Rush, which he saw over the weekend and was interrupted when the house lights went on in the theater. Jo Koy then calls in and talks about his life touring and doing standup, and how it compared to his early days selling shoes. Bald Bryan then reviews the film Gravity during this week’s Baldywood, and Adam takes a call from a fan who wants to quit his job. Dean DeLeo and Eric Kretz of Stone Temple Pilots join the studio next. Adam talks with them about their new album, with new STP member Chester Bennington. They also look back on the early days of KROQ, when Adam was laying the foundations of his own career. Alison begins the news discussing the big wreck during the Houston Grand Prix over the weekend. They also talk about the disturbing image of a man setting himself on fire in the National Mall, and discuss the correlation between violence and videogames. As the show wraps up, Alison brings up US forces going after two high value targets over the weekend, and Adam complains about having to pronounce all these terrorist names.


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