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At the top of the show, Adam talks about waking up early for his kids’ Christmas pageant, and some of the ridiculous songs the kids had to sing. He also talks to Steve-O about his five years of sobriety, and they recall his over-the-top substance abuse days. Later they answer some audience questions, which lead the guys to watch some classic Man Show clips, and discuss what went on behind the scenes to create them. After Adam rants about too many bums at a local bus stop, Alison opens the news with a sad story about a recent mall shooting. They also discuss the closing of Henry’s Tacos in the valley, the frustrations of getting permits in LA, and the Rock’N’Roll Hall of Fame’s latest inductees. As the show wraps up, Adam reacts to being on a list of the dumbest people of 2012.


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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler