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Adam opens the show talking more about the kitchen remod at his house, and Lynette’s mom having a third degree black belt. Adam also chats about his podcasting with Mark Geragos earlier in the day, and Bryan’s LADWP issue. Next up, Adam takes a call from Anant Agarwal. The guys talk about the success of edX, which allows you to take classes from the most prestigious schools in the world for free. They also discuss the future of college classes for the next generation, and Adam takes fan phone calls about skills that are largely underappreciated, political rallies, and a follow up on the Newman doc. Before the break, Adam talks about an evening spent with the kids, and crazy Italians who don’t like pasta.

Steve-O returns to the studio next, and Adam chats with him about making the transition to standup comedy. Steve-O talks about combining stunts with his special, and discusses what it feels like to be hit with a Taser gun. The guys also chat about Steve-O raising money to make his own movie, and eight years of sobriety. Gina then begins the news talking about SeaWorld’s announcement that they are ending their orca-breeding program immediately. Other news stories include the latest from Madonna’s tour, a White Sox player who’s retiring after being told to not to bring his son with him anymore, and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller’s latest troubles. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about ‘pet bereavement days’.



Make sure you watch Steve-O’s Showtime Special: Guilty As Charged. It premieres this Friday at 10pm on Showtime. Visit and follow him on Twitter @SteveO.

Also check out, and follow Anant on Twitter @AgarwalEDU.



Lynette’s Mom Karate

Madonna Concert


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