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Adam opens the show discussing his crazy last 48 hours. He discusses the BevMo tasting he did in Manhattan Beach, followed by a standup performance at a fan’s house who contributed to Road Hard. Unfortunately Adam and August showed up early, and Adam had to go back to the same city the next day to speak at a conference. Larry Miller also talks about doing private performances, and the guys play the Hypothetical Road Trip Game. Stephen Dorff is in studio next, and Adam talks with him about his new film The Motel Life, and the one-legged man that Stephen plays in the movie. They also discuss his dad’s songwriting career, and fighting for the roles that you want. Alison opens the news with a report of the devastating storm that hit the Philippines over the weekend. They also discuss Miley Cyrus smoking a joint on stage, a shooting in midtown Manhattan, and the LA public school system halting their iPad program. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss why it sucks to be a mover or bus driver.


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