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Adam opens the show talking about Sonny’s academic struggles, and the unnecessary therapy that the school is mandating. The guys then watch a clip from Bill Maher about a teacher in a poor neighborhood who assigned ‘I Wish My Teacher Knew…’, and Adam rants about the response. Adam also takes a call from Taleeb Starkes and the guys talk about the riots in Baltimore and why conservative values are not sticking with the black community. Before the break, Adam talks about the art of ‘Manscaping’.

Adam is excited to have Sir Ken Robinson on the show, as Adam has been following his career for years. The guys discuss problems with the school system, and how to keep kids from being disengaged with their curriculum. They also talk about the irony of ‘No Child Left Behind’, why homework is so alienating, and the one country that seems to be doing it right. Gina then reads news stories about the rioter who was beat up by his mother, a new Budweiser slogan that’s upsetting everyone, and Justin Bieber’s involvement with the upcoming Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about Personal Achievement Day, and a woman who was ‘lunch-shamed’.



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