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At the top of the show, Adam shares his excitement over the wide range of today’s guests, and reveals his fears for tonight’s Newman Doc Premiere. Adam then takes some fan phone calls about frustrating drivers, police violence, and people who grow up poor and then become obsessed with their purchases later on in life. Senator Ted Cruz calls in next to discuss his Presidential campaign for 2016. Adam chats with him about abolishing the IRS, out of control federal spending, and how a flat tax could fix a lot of this country’s problems.

Simon Morley is in studio next, and Adam talks with him about the worldwide success of ‘Puppetry of the Penis’. Simons then does a live demonstration. Later, Gina starts the news with a story about the LA school district’s dissatisfaction with the Apple iPad program. As the show wraps up, the gang talks about ‘no cat calling zones’ in New York, and a rental car set on fire to stop bed bugs.



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Deputies Attacking Horse Thief

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