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Adam welcomes Larry Miller, right from the top of the show. Adam teases his assistant about his shoes, and explains how only one of his kids knows how to improvise. Alison then opens the news discussing a controversial moment during the Super Bowl halftime show. The guys also talk about the guy who won $50,000 after betting the first score would be a safety, and Adam analyzes a crucial Super Bowl play. Today’s guest is Shawn Hatosy, from the hit series Southland. Adam applauds the show for it’s quality, and also for the way they deal with racial issues. Adam also talks to Shawn about working with Nicolas Cage in a previous film, and what it means to be a method actor. Later, Adam takes listener calls about proposals, pregnancies, and jobs that result in the least amount of hookups.  The rest of the news opens with PETA’s plans to take Sea World to the Supreme Court for keeping their Orca whales in captivity. Alison also follows up on another sexual abuse scandal, and the guys take guesses at how many surgeries Joan Rivers has had on her face. The show wraps up with a discussion about Megan Fox’s thumbs.


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